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KAYEZEN has developed content partnerships with some of the leading sports performance, athletic training, physical therapy and healthcare professionals who develop single and multi-VECTOR exercises.   Through this community of thought leaders, KAYEZEN’s clients have access to an extensive and growing library of exercises that can address the specific needs of athletes and patients. 


Featured Exercises


Each single or multi-VECTOR exercise includes a description of how to perform it properly, the purpose and a link to the website or Instagram of the content partners who created them.

KAYEZEN has also partnered with Functional Solutions to deliver our partners’ VECTOR-focused content on any platform and in multiple formats.


Single VECTOR Exercises

Advanced Athletic Development

Thrower Rotation

The applied transverse resistance on the trunk challenges the ability to absorb force in trunk rotation while the individual is the low split position. 

Advanced Athletic Development

Ki-RO Lateral Lunge Shift

Placing an isometric resistance challenging hip abductors while squatting presents an active stability for the knee on the resisted and non-resisted side.                     

Advanced Athletic Development

Ki-RO Acceleration Reflex

VECTOR resistance attached to the transverse or sagittal plane provides isometric stability to the core (trunk and spine) which increases activation and efficiency in the muscles acting on the hips and shoulders.


Horizontal Core Chop

This transverse plane movement builds strength through the core. The gradual resistance curve of the VECTOR allows for a smooth rotation without excessive resistance in the end range of the rotation.

Advanced Athletic Development

Half-Kneeling Core Press

The core press challenges the involved muscles in a unique coordination. There is a frontal plane force applied to the core when the hand is located to the side of the trunk, as the resistance is pressed forward the core gradually increases in transverse plane resistance.


Multi-VECTOR Exercises


Adduction Circuit

This circuit is composed of 4 isometric core challenges while activation is promoted in adduction/hip internal rotation. This is specifically to activate the adductors (at the hip) and not to promote excessive medial rotation at the knee.


Pitcher Activation

While there are many options for activation with overhead athletes, this set-up places the individual at the end range of a split squat (weak position) providing an opportunity to strengthen at the end range and incorporate lower body/core stability and rotational trunk activation.


Core Stability

This circuit presents a series of isometric challenges to the core while a specific muscle group threshold is challenged. In this example the hip abductors/external rotators are the target muscles being trained. Core stability is required for the hip abductors/external rotators to function optimally.


Pitcher Trunk/Hip Activation

This exercise features an adductor isometric component with simultaneous transverse plane resistance applied to the core (in the assisted direction of rotation – decelerators) which removes the resistance from the hands and allows for the larger muscles within the trunk to maximize activation.


Stability Pallof Press

This exercise features isometric hip/knee stability in combination with the pallof press, the isometric stability (in the lower body) increases muscle activation associated with hip stability which provides a maximal challenge to the core muscles during the pallof press.